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New EPIS Seminar: A Trans-Humanist Phenomenology of the Radical Other


One of the existential domains in Dasein analysis, existential analysis, and humanistic psychologies is the (living) physical world. This is the furniture, processes, and complex life domains in which we live. However, because of various ideologies that distort ontological valuation, we end up pushing much of this world to the periphery. This includes the non-human Other. This is the radical Other.

In conjunction with the Non-Violent (Life) Design Institute, the Existential Psychoanalytic Institute will be offering a seminar in a trans-humanist approach to the radical Other. This is a seminar in critical theory, psychoanalysis, and existential phenomenology, focusing on the structures of the world in which humans live, including those of non-human Others – – from both subjective and objective phenomenological orientations.

Amongst other meanings, we fail to understand why we have so subjugated this domain of our existential lebenswelt, and all its inhabitants, to our own peril and to the moral catastrophe that we wage on the Earth, and Them, every day.


Dr. Boileau, Dean of Faculty


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