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Kevin Boileau and Nazarita Goldhammer, announce the grand opening of their Non-Violent Life Design Firm, the mission of which is to develop non-violent housing, work space, and community space internationally. We are truly excited about our grand opening because we have been developing underlying an underlying phenomenology, psychoanalysis, and topology of human space for 10 years, and are now actively serving clients all over the world. With offices in Encinitas, California, USA, Missoula, Montana, and a research retreat in the Madison Valley in Central Montana, we are now team-ready for consultation, design, and building in a brand new way that goes beyond sustainability models. Our work will have the important NVLD label, insuring that products, services, and design do not come from exploitation, harm, or destruction of humans, animals, forests, water, and mother Earth. ALL profits will be spent on further development, and contribution to needed projects for inner-cities, agrarian, and third-world needs. We have put our life-blood into this work, and are excited to bring it to the public for human good, and for the Good in general. No one will be left behind in this work, and we are excited to share our ideas with all interested parties. Please feel free to contact Principal and President, Nazarita Goldhammer, Master Designer, or Dr. Kevin Boileau, Chief Scientist, at the Firm. We are pleased to help individuals, non-profits, cities, corporations, designers, scholars, teachers, and others in any way we can. In solidarity, Nazarita and Kevin, USA

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